I would like to first share a little of who I am and my personal vision for Kimmi’s Recovery Homes Inc.

My name is Linda Doss and I got sober in Alaska in 1981. Without telling my story, yes it was an adventure. One that would carry me here to Tucson in 1988, Georgia in 1995 and back to Tucson in 2004. Tucson is where I call home even after 38 years in Alaska.

This has been my dream since I moved to Tucson. In Alaska, we were a small recovery community, and we always had the “IT TAKES A VILLIAGE” mentality when we were able to corral a newcomer. Move them in, take them to meeting, share the book, assign a sponsor and spoon feed them the 12-step way of life that I have been blessed to see bring so many a long and happy life in Recover.
Upon arriving in Tucson, I found there were more meetings in one day than we had for an entire month in my little community up north. I immediately found my Home Group, the “Weeknight Newcomers” at the NWAC. It is still my home group, and I am still active in service, sponsorship and meetings.

Covid 19 – an entire new concept for 12-step meeting but the basics remain the same, book, sponsor, steps meetings and fellowship. The difference for me was a sense of closeness for the newcomer who did not have any place to go after treatment, detox, or out of just pure desperation. Another entire miracle “ZOOM”, wonder what Bill W. would have to say about that? The joy I have experienced on Zoom for the past 18 months has been so heartwarming. The greatest gift is the ability to open Kimmi’s Recovery Homes Inc. My hope is that Kimmi’s House is the first of many.

It has taken a village to put this venture together. From our amazing Investor (and Kimmi’s Angel) Debbie Mayfield and her husband Al, who bought the property and then remodeled it to my specs to make this such an amazing home for the women we are going to help.

Then there was Scott Harding Contractors LLC, better known as “Trash”, who allowed me to bother him with change after change until “we” got the vision right.

Friends who have come to paint, clean, make beds, all part of the Kimmi’s Angels crew. The people in AA who have gone on our wish list at Amazon and invested over $5,000 in things needed to put this house together. We could not have done it without ALL OF YOU! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
Then there is my Director of Operations, Brittany Tomek. This home is named after her mother and my Daughter Kimberly, who was killed in a single car rollover with 2 years and 5 days Sober. Brittany has jumped in on my dream and walked this with me, learning as we go. She and I do not see eye to eye always, but we do know how to move beyond what ever our differences are and remember why we are here and the legacy we are building for our “Kimmi”. To provide a “Village” not for those who need it, or those who want it, but for those who are willing to step up to the plate and ‘DO IT’!