About Us

Kimmi's Recovery Homes

Sober living in Tucson

Our Vision

To become a vital partner in building successful lives in recovery and providing safe, affordable neighborhood housing that is sensitive to the needs of the community by providing the highest quality residential recovery opportunities available, which will empower each person to build a better life and create a recovery friendly environment for our community. 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide structured and stable environments for persons recovering from the disease of addiction. We set the highest standards to enable personal growth, a foundation of development for long-term recovery, and improve quality of life. 

Our Directors

About our Directors:

Linda Doss is our Executive Director. Linda has dedicated her life to helping others achieve a life of sobriety and serenity based on the 12 steps of AA and NA.  Linda has recently celebrated 40 years of sobriety and is excited in opening her first sober living home to help more women in the greater Tucson Area.

Brittany Tomek is our Director of Operations. Her story includes having two Alcoholic/addict parents.  She has been bravely working on recovering from her childhood trauma through therapy and self-discovery and is now working on a path that will lead her to being a licensed therapist so she can continue to help others. 

Kimmi's Angels

Kimmi’s Angels are a group of volunteers that dedicated their personal time and resources to help the women at Kimmi’s Recovery Homes achieve a life of sobriety and serenity.  Their contributions include running 12 step meetings, sponsoring women, providing volunteer physical activities (hiking trips, yoga, etc), as well as financial support.  If you have a talent you want to share or are interested in helping in any way please consider becoming one of our Angels.  You can reach out to us at info@krhink.com.