Sober Living in Tucson, Arizona

We provide a structured and stable environment for persons recovering from the disease of addiction. We set the highest standards to enable personal growth, a foundation of development for long-term recovery, and improving quality of life.

Kimmi's Recovery Homes

Kimmi’s Recovery Homes is an operator of sober living facilities for women serving the greater Tucson area.  The homes provide tools, support, and resources to help women who are in the process of overcoming addiction to make positive choices, achieve meaningful goals, and be accountable for past actions.  We help women by providing a stable housing environment and a support system for their future goals.  Our recovery support is based on the twelve steps of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous.

Residents live in a group home where they have available resources to achieve their goals of learning a new way of life.  These resources include addiction awareness programs and support networks on site.

At Kimmi’s Recovery Homes, women have an opportunity to achieve a new beginning and live a clean and sober lifestyle.

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